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Kasper Grønlund Evers

Ph.D. Ancient History (Cph)

List of publictations (*: abstr./text available in Writings)

Academic theses:

(2009) The Tabulae Vindolandenses and Roman Economic Activity. MA in Historical Research, Lancaster University (UK).

(2011)* With a Little Help from My Friends—A New Institutional Economics Approach to the Ancient Economy. MA in History, Copenhagen University. Link.

(2016) Worlds Apart Trading Together—the organisation of long-distance trade between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, 1st– 6th cen. CE. PhD dissertation in History, Copenhagen University. Link.

[Newspaper]* 'What did the Romans ever do for the Lakes?,' in The Westmorland Gazette 13/12/2012.

[Newspaper]* 'The most desolate Roman outpost of all,' in The Westmorland Gazette 23/05/2013.

[Newspaper]* 'Fort has watched over 2,000 years of history,' in The Westmorland Gazette 24/10/2013.

[Journal, popular] 'Tavlerne fra Vindolanda,' in SFINX 37:1 (2014): 10–14. Link. [see website below for full article]

[Website] 'Postkort fra fortiden afslører romerske soldaters hverdag,' on (25/03/2014). Link.


(2011)* The Vindolanda Tablets and the Ancient Economy. British Archaeological Reports, British Series 544 (Oxford). Link.

(2017)* Worlds Apart Trading Together: The organisation of long-distance trade between Rome and India in Antiquity. Archaeopress, Archaeopress Roman Archaeology 32 (Oxford). Link. [online review in BMCR]

Articles, all sorts:

[Newspaper]* 'Yderst i Romerriget,' in Weekendavisen 24 (2011).

[Newspaper]* 'Skabelseshistorie søges,' in Weekendavisen 3 (2012).

[Journal, popular]* 'Hvor peberet gror—romere, indere og dem indimellem,' in SFINX 38:1 (2015): 10–15. Link.

[Journal, scientific]* 'Cave of Revelations: Indian Ocean trade in light of the Socotran graffiti,' in Journal of Indian Ocean Archaeology 10–11 (2014–15): 19–37. Link [full article available].

[Website] 'Londons tidligste historie afsløret,' on (9/5/2019). Link.


(2015) Interview about PhD project in Humanist 13 (winter issue). Link.

(2017) Historical comparison of Hadrian's Wall to Trump's proposed Wall, on the radio show P1 Eftermiddag, 31.1.17. Link.

(2017) Historical comparison of the ancient Silk Roads to China's "Silk Road Initiative", on the radio show P1 Eftermiddag, 18.5.17. Link.

(2018) Participant in debate about the worst year in recorded history, on the radio show AK 24syv, 19.11.18. Link.

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